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Whole, Half, or Quarter Cow

Whole, Half, or Quarter Cow


Looking to savor the unbeatable taste of fresh, locally-sourced beef? You're in the right place! Here's what you need to know:


Please add this item to your cart and we will contact you with the price of your cow once the order has been received. 


1. Affordable Quality: Our pricing is straightforward - $4.15 per pound. This covers both the cost of the cow and the processing fee, ensuring you get exceptional value.


2. Portions: A Quarter Cow typically weighs between 180-225 pounds hanging weight, giving you an ideal balance between variety and quantity. The finished box weight will differ depending on cut selection, but the approximate finished weight is around 75 pounds ground beef and 40 pounds of steaks and roasts. When placing your order, please select if you are interested in a quarter, half, or whole cow. 


3. Taste the Difference: Imagine the satisfaction of grabbing a cut of beef straight from your freezer. With our locally-sourced beef, you enjoy a host of advantages, from unparalleled flavor to supporting local farmers.


4. Hurry, Limited Availability: It's a "first come, first serve" deal, based on availability. So, don't wait too long to secure your order.


5. All Year Round: Craving quality beef at any time? You're in luck! Our offerings are available year-round. Just add your preferred option to your cart, and we'll get in touch with a pickup date that suits you.


6. Custom Cuts: We believe in catering to your preferences. Whether it's more ground beef, juicy roasts, or tender steaks, we can cut and process the cow to match your liking. Your satisfaction is our priority.


7. Have Questions? Reach Out: Got any queries or specific requests? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're here to provide answers and ensure you have the best beef-buying experience.


We look forward to providing you with the finest quality beef for your table. Place your order today and savor the farm-fresh difference!

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