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Bone-in Chuck/Arm Roast

Bone-in Chuck/Arm Roast


Starting at $10/lb.

Note: While you may order a specific weight, please be aware that our roasts may vary slightly in weight and size. We assure you that we'll do our best to provide a roast as close as possible to your order.


Our chuck roasts, weighing 3.5-4 pounds each, offer a blend of flavor and tenderness. They're an ideal choice for everyday meals and smaller gatherings. Enjoy the taste of locally sourced, farm-fresh beef with every bite.


The Chuck Roast, a flavorful and well-marbled cut, is perfect for slow-cooking. When simmered to tender perfection, it's ideal for pot roasts, stews, and braised dishes.


We take pride in offering you the finest quality roasts, sourced from your local farmer.

Only 9 left in stock
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